Past events in our interiors

Our company has a rich history of hosting successful events. Since July 2018, we have hosted over 20 pop-up exhibitions, showcasing hundreds of works of art. It took place in our apartment on Wilcza street. These exhibitions offer a unique and intimate experience, allowing guests to view the art while relaxing on comfortable sofas with a glass of wine or enjoying a cup of coffee in the kitchen. The exhibitions remain on display until the next opening and are exclusively available to guests of the apartment during that time.

Events in the Noa Space

The Noa Space is the largest and the youngest apartment in our portfolio. As for now it has served as an event space for photo shoots, a small movie set, an exhibition, a showcase and business meetings. However, this space is capable of hosting an even wider range of events. The design of the apartment is inspired by the pre-war splendor of life in Warsaw. You will find here a concert piano, custom-made works of art, vintage decorations and free-standing bathtub. The living room, with an area of 60m2, is a particular highlight. The elegant furniture, large windows and an abundance of natural light inspires the imagination.