Tailor-made event space rental

Our company offers event space rental for various types of events in Warsaw and Nowa Wieś Zbąska. We have a wide selection of event spaces, ideal for corporate events, special events, exhibitions, shows, photo shoots or movie sets. Our venues are suitable for a variety of needs, so you’re sure to find the perfect venue for your event.

An event space for every occasion

We offer not only rentals for business meetings, but also team building, workshops or shows. All this in spaces uniquely prepared for this purpose.

Our interiors are also ideal for photo shoots or rentals for film sets. Thanks to modern solutions and beautiful arrangements of our interiors, your photos will look fantastic.

We also invite you to a company Christmas Eve party, which we can organize in the biggest apartment for rent in Warsaw, one of our premises. We guarantee that such an evening will be unforgettable for your employees and co-workers.

A unique event space – Water Hideout

In Nowa Wieś Zbąska (Lubuskie voivodeship, less than 20 km from the airport in Zielona Góra) we have an absolutely unique place – it is a house on water. 56 m2 of living space, the same amount of terrace space on the roof and 500 m2 of landscaped space on land. The Water Hideout, as it is called, offers the possibility to organize concerts, team building trips, as well as photo shoots and film sets.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the details of renting the space for your event.